Online Masterclass: Mending with Celia Pym

*Deze masterclass is via Zoom in het Engels* Join the online masterclass Mending with Celia Pym and learn woven darn techniques that are good for sweaters and socks. Visible mending is a great way to repair your old clothes, and turn holes into design features. Celia: 'I didn’t ever see the point of invisible mending. It seemed more important to see the repair, see the damage. Damage and repair go hand in hand.' Celia has been exploring mending since 2007 with extensive experience of small everyday holes, at heels, elbows, in pockets as well as working on more dramatic damage, from water damage, animal nesting and moths issues. Celia’s interests are around the evidence of damage – through repair you look closely at where garments and cloth have got worn down and thin. In clothing this wearing is often to do with use and how the body moves. Celia says ‘she likes that darning is often small acts of care and paying attention to where things fray and wear out.’ No previous darning, knitting or other needle based experience is necessary. Date: Saturday 1st May 2021, 14:00-16:30 (Dutch time) / 13:00-15:30 (UK time) Location: Zoom The masterclass is open to a maximum of 12 participants Mending Celia Pym Material list: * Sweater or socks with holes in - moths holes or wear and tear holes * Or sweater or socks with no holes in but you are happy to practice on * Some wool - heavy or light weight * Some darning or sewing needles * Darning mushroom or egg - if you don't have these a smart phone or piece of fruit like a lemon are good * Scissors * Pencil and paper - for taking notes or making drawings Please bring what you can and anything you're missing or not sure about we'll troubleshoot and figure out alternatives in the masterclass. Celia Pym Hope's Sweater, 1951