Online Lecture: Embroidery by Gillian Vogelsang – Eastwood

What is embroidery?

What’s embroidery sounds like an easy question to ask and answer, but! Everyone knows or has seen a piece of embroidery, however, once you start looking at historical and modern embroidery forms from around the world, then the question can take you in many different directions, sometimes all at the same time. The talk looks at a range of subjects including materials, tools, designs and uses, as well a general history of embroidery for the last 3,500 years and from many different cultures. Gillian Vogelsang – Eastwood is besides the author of the amazing series of encyclopaedia of embroidery, director of the Textile Research Centre in Leiden. There she has, among others, established TRC Needles to make the study of embroidery in its widest meaning more visible and to emphasize its role in cultures and societies from all over the world. Date: Thursday March 25, 16:00 (CET) Location: Online via Zoom* Language: English Meer weten over Gillian? Lees hier haar Meet the Maker interview!