Online Lecture: The Untold Story of IA, The Romanian Blouse by Andreea Diana Tanasescu

The lecture will explore the relationship of IA with Nature as a living system, focusing of women's cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation. Worn by celebrities, part of cultural revolutions such as the hippie movement in the 60s, loved by famous fashion designers from around the world, and an inspiration for famous artists or movie characters, the Romanian Blouses trace their origins back to the ancient civilizations found along the Danube river, thousands of years ago. They preserved a part of the language of signs and symbols specific to the mythical thinking of those times. The Romanian blouse embroidery is not only a decorative art, but also a system of communications. It remains to be seen if we will be able to decode their message. Andreea Diana Tanasescu is the founder of La Blouse Roumaine, an organization that is very active on Instagram to give the Romain blouse a stage. With the hastag #GiveCredit she asks the fashion and design industry to give credit to the cultural communities they draw inspiration from. Order the recording here! Date: Thursday June 10, 16:00 (CEST) Location: Online via Zoom Costs: €5,- Language: English De Borduurschool This lecture is part of De Borduurschool: a collaboration with the Fries Museum on the occasion of the Haute Bordure exhibition. Foto 1 - left: Metropolitan Museum of Art | right: Henri Matisse Foto 2 - left: Alex Galmeanu | right: portrait Andreea Diana Tanasescu by Dragoș Cristescu