Kite Making

Where: Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden
When: June 17, June 24, July 1, July 8 and July 15

The kite is an ancient invention that originated in Asia thousands of years ago. Kites were made of lightweight materials such as silk, bamboo, and later paper, and were often decorated with colorful designs and illustrations. Kites were used for sending messages to the gods and for measuring distances. Today, kite flying is a popular form of entertainment. Designers and artists experiment with traditional kite-making forms and techniques to create contemporary and unique creations. This has led to new applications of kites.


Vliegermuseum in Ommen focuses on the history and culture of kites. The museum was founded in 2004 by Riks Siemons and has an extensive collection of kites and related materials, including historical and contemporary kites, kite accessories, literature, and artworks. The museum regularly organizes exhibitions and events, including workshops, lectures, and kite festivals.

Scheltens & Abbenes is a Dutch design duo consisting of photographer Maurice Scheltens and visual artist Liesbeth Abbenes. Scheltens & Abbenes’ kites are a great example of how design and functionality can complement each other. The kites have been featured in design magazines and are used for various campaigns. Together with designer Bertjan Pot, they founded the @kite_club to share their love for kites with the public.