Looking back: Meet the Master ‘Coiling’

Last November, Crafts Council Nederland worked together with Esmé Hofman to organize a master class as part of the “Meet the Master” series. The master class was held at the Fries Museum.

Coiling is known to be one of the widest spread crafts in history. It has been used with a variety of materials like esparto grass and wool. Esmé Hofman guided participants trough the basics of this age-old technique during the master class.

Rosana Escobar was one of the participants. She gave us some insight in her experiences:

‘’Joining the master class in coiling with Esmé Hofman, was an inspiring workshop to learn the basics of an ancient technique used in different places of the world for the development of objects, especially baskets.

The three-day workshop gives the opportunity to meet the maker and have the chance to experiment with materials, in a sharing space with a diversity of people in background and interest.

In my practice I focus in material exploration, following the use of different techniques that can transform the material adding new properties and highlighting its qualities. Having the chance to learn traditional techniques allow to reimagine new possible ways to integrate crafts in contemporary objects. I see a lot of opportunity and value in sharing knowledge and in developing collaboration between craftsmen and designers.

In my current project I have been exploring color and material, experimenting with wrapping as a technique to hold the material together, giving it structure, form and identity. Attending the workshop gave me knowledge of possible local materials that I could work with and the basics of the technique which I could further explore in my project.’’

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