Creative Industries Fund NL

Creative Industries Fund NL is the cultural fund for architecture, design, e-culture and every imaginable crossover. The Fund was initiated in 2013 as a new type of cultural fund that operates at the cutting edge of culture, economy and society, with a new sphere of activity: the creative industries. This encompasses the applied arts, e-culture and gaming, product design, graphic design and fashion, architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture. The creative industries influences our entire physical and virtual reality. Everything that surrounds us is designed, conceived, made. The Fund’s task is to continue renewing the rich tradition in the applied arts that the Netherlands boasts.

The Fund supports designers and creatives with (inter)national projects, cultural institutions with one-year and multi-year programmes, and talented individuals in the creative industries. Its core task is the stimulation of culture. An important theme is the improvement of the ties between designers/creatives and commissioners/producers. Moreover, with its programmes, events, publications and bundling of expertise, the Fund is itself actively involved in establishing connections between culture, entrepreneurship and social engagement.