Crafts Council Nederland

It is our deepest conviction that for necessary transitions in society, not only the best minds are needed but also the best hands. Thinking and doing must go hand in hand. Because it is precisely makers who can analyze, interpret and imagine challenges differently. ‘Doing’ yields different solutions than ‘thinking’. Thinking and doing; both approaches complement each other, need each other and together offer perspective on better and high-quality solutions. The passion inherent in both approaches provides the strength for the connection between them.

We see it as our mission to position makers and their approach and knowledge by connecting them to parties within the context of socially urgent themes. In doing so, we offer makers individually the opportunity to further develop themselves and contribute to the current questions of society. In a collective sense, CCNL strives to raise the quality and importance of the sector to a higher level.

CCNL is concentrating on five goals:

  1. Support of the makers, in order for them to develop their creative talent and competencies; there is no other organisation which offers this on a structural and professional level.
  2. The mapping, retention and on-passing of crafts knowledge and skills to prevent their loss. This is the case with the usual educational and professional practice.
  3. Enabling research and innovation to stimulate the progress within the sector.
  4. Offering a stage for the domain to become visible and to enable its exposure to a large audience.
  5. To stimulate the expansion of crafts in other sectors. This is necessary to build a solid basis for the creative crafts.


Marion Poortvliet (founder)
Willemien Ippel (co-founder)
Guusje Heesakkers (communication and project manager)

Crafts Council Nederland also works together with a pool of professionals.