About us

Crafts Council Nederland (CCNL) is the Dutch version of what is already indispensable for decades in England and many other countries: a platform for contemporary craft. CCNL develops programs and activities where teaching, connecting, inspiring and developing are the central themes. Traditional techniques are given a new life; they are translated and decoded to prevent them from disappearing. And to use them as innovator and economic stimulus for the creative sector.

The Netherlands has always had a wonderful portfolio in the area of ​​expertise of the creative crafts, and it still plays a major role in fashion, design, architecture and art. But how do we ensure that role of craftsmanship in the future?

The platform Crafts Council Nederland collects and shares knowledge, presents best practices and makes connections between artists, disciplines, education and the public. For a viable creative industry, now and in the future.

Authenticity, craftsmanship and originality

The word ‘craft’ evokes positive associations such as honesty, authenticity, sincerity, humanity and security. It refers to the good old days, when we were still seen as an individual and the mass industry had not yet degraded us to anonymous consumers. The traditional manufacturing of products represents positive values ​​such as autonomy, job satisfaction and pride.

The renewed interest in the craft is associated with an impending demise of specialist skills, experience and knowledge. For several years, the government is also paying attention to the crafts. Economic studies have shown that in the coming period, hundreds of thousands of artisans in the Netherlands will be needed.

What are the activities of the Crafts Council Nederland:

  • Craftsmap, a digital platform that shows the “who-what – where” of the creative craft on a high-level: craftsmen, specialist museums, education etc.
  • (Inter)national projects to make crafts future-proof.
  • Master classes, workshops and educational programs are presented on a digital platform where masters transfer knowledge to people (professionals and amateurs) who want to learn the tricks of the trade. A separate program will be set up for primary education.
  • Presentations, exhibitions and craft routes
  • Advice and research
  • Publicity for the Dutch crafts in the Netherlands and abroad

The people behind Crafts Council Nederland

Crafts Council Nederland is an initiative of Marion Poortvliet. The daily management and organization lies in the hands of Marion Poortvliet and Willemien Ippel. Crafts Council Nederland also works with a close circle of professionals.