About the Craftsmap

The Craftsmap is the search engine for high-quality crafts from Netherlands. This “map” is a collection of the best creative makers, courses, studios and museums in the Netherlands.

The Craftsmap is an important part of the work of Crafts Council Nederlands, to increase the visibility of the individual craftsman/woman, studios and magazines. Through the Craftsmap collaboration and development are made possible. The purpose of the Craftsmap is to showcase Dutch crafts and joint presentations with national and international reach.

Who uses the Craftsmap?

  • Designers, design students, buyers, architects, businesses and the general public looking for new work to buy or to produce.
  • Journalists, curators, museums, shops, galleries, magazines that are looking for professional crafters.
  • Education and institutions that are looking for artisans with experience in teaching.
  • Organisations or craftsmen seeking opportunities such as scholarships, competitions or cross-sectoral links
  • (Upcoming) talents and creators who are seeking training opportunities
  • Makers who are looking for production places.
  • Crafts Council Nederland to show contemporary crafts