Open Call: HOW & WOW Linen

Crafts Council Nederland presents: HOW & WOW Linen

Applications are now open for ‘HOW & WOW Linen’. Crafts Council Nederland invites maker-designers, craft professionals, museums, workshops and companies to participate. Together we create a leading presentation in which surprising applications of flax and linen can be seen. We aim for a presentation during Dutch Design Week 2020 but we keep an eye on the developments of Covid-19.

We are looking for craftsmen, maker-designers and technical experts who apply flax, linen or flax seed in their work and/or research. Based on the submissions, we make a selection of participants. Criteria for the selection are unique innovative work that fits the theme, which makes an interesting contribution to the overall presentation. There are costs involved with participating, depending on the manner of presentation and the number of participants. We will inform you about this as soon as possible.

With HOW & WOW Linen we also present the results of The Linen Project, an initiative of ArtEZ MA, practice held in common and Crafts Council Netherlands, which arose from the question of whether it is possible to produce linen in the Netherlands in an economically profitable manner. Flax construction has a long history in the Netherlands and although a lot of flax is still grown in Europe, the processing of flax mainly takes place in China. Increasingly, people are realizing that this is depleting the earth and linen is being rediscovered as a sustainable alternative to cotton.

Proposals can be submitted until May 10. Send an email to including:
– high res image of your work and / or your project proposal
– title + concept
– how does your work match the theme
– dimensions
– material
– biography

Crafts Council Nederland curates the presentation and makes a selection from the applications. You will hear whether your work has been selected by 20 May. CCNL gives great importance to inclusivity and to intergenerationality.

Beeld ter inspiratie links; Christien Meindertsma Flax Chair, rechts; Studio Plastique
How&WOW Linen
Merklap (1828), Geborduurd met zijde en linnen op linnen