Open Call DDW 2019

19 – 27 oktober 2019

Together with partner Dutch Design Foundation, Crafts Council Nederland has been putting the spotlight on making during the Dutch Design Week for a number of years. Also this edition we present the importance of crafts with a high-profile group exhibition in VEEM at Strijp-S.

CCNL is the platform and expertise center that strengthens, innovates and broadens creative craft, both in the Netherlands and internationally. We ensure a revaluation of the crafts and we make them future-proof together with a large community of maker-designers, craft professionals, museums, work places, companies and academies.

During Dutch Design Week 2019 we highlight the importance and power of making by means of a group exhibition with 5 current themes:
– Innovation from tradition
– New materials and new applications of techniques
– Sustainable materials and production processes
– New future heritage & cultural identity
– Social innovation

Open Call
CCNL calls on maker-designers, craft professionals, museums, work places, companies and academies to submit work for HOW&WOW, so we can create a strong group exhibition together with a wide range of colour, material and techniques. The work must be in line with one of the themes.

Do you want to participate in HOW&WOW again? Send an email to before June 30 with:
– high res image of your work (s)
– title + concept
– subsequent theme
– dimensions
– material
– biography of the maker
Crafts Council Netherlands curates the exhibition and makes a selection from the registrations. CCNL highly considers inclusivity and generationality.

Costs for participation in the group exhibition is 150 euros including VAT. This must be paid before 15 September.
What do you get:
– A place in the curated group exhibition HOW&WOW (200 m2)
– 1 passe-partout with access to the opening with networking drinks
– A mention in the HOW&WOW publication
– Communication around the exhibition: press release, newsletter, website, social media
– Opportunity to take the CCNL Instagram over for a week to show your work and creative processes
– Opportunity to show your creative process live during the DDW. CCNL invites a number of participating makers to come and work during the exhibition and show their process to the visitors.

Dutch Design Week 2018 attracted over 335.000 (inter) national visitors.
ELLE Decoration is media partner of CCNL and will cover HOW&WOW.
There will be various press tours and company tours organised by DDW that will visit HOW&WOW.

Photo: Max Kneefel
Photo: Thijs Adriaans / CCNL