Open call: Crafts in the lead at Dutch Design Week 17

Crafts are indispensable in the design world. During DDW 2017, from 21 to 29 October, we will create an inspirational space in Veem where contemporary crafts are shown in an
exceptional way (WOW), where the making process can be
experienced and where you can learn by doing (HOW).

Together with key partners, Crafts Council Nederland presents crafts in relation to design, heritage, innovation and experimentation.
We will show the newest craft developments in seven themes:
1. New products and manufacturing processes
2. New materials
3. New (digital) techniques
4. New future heritage & cultural identity
5. New ethics for sustainability
6. New collaborations
7. New knowledge & learning by doing

Crafts Council Nederland invites partners to send in proposals to participate in this new crafts center in Veem*. The proposals should contain more than just product presentation; the presentations show the current situation of crafts, its creating processes, new techniques, sustainable innovation, new collaborations etc.

In total, there are 9 spaces of 36 m2 and 7 spaces of 12 m2 available.
You can choose to rent one or more places. Proposals can be submitted until 10 June 2017.
Contact us via / 06 2716 8119

Unit bug: 36 m2
Rent space € 2.700
3 spots/lights € 750
5 passe-partouts, communication,
publication, opening € 1.000
total € 4.450 excl. VAT

Unit small: 12 m2
Rent space € 900
2 spots/lights € 500
2 passe-partouts, communication,
publication, opening € 500
total € 1.900 excl. VAT

We can advice you about the development of your presentation concept and there is the possibility to hire help for production.

*Veem is part of Strijp S. The impressive building is easily accessible from the city center and is a two-minute walk from Eindhoven Strijp-S Station.

The crafts center is located on the second floor of the building’s garage. During DDW visitors can acces the building over the ramp on the outside of the building. Then they enter the crafts center over a second ramp inside the building.

In 2016, DDW attracted 295,000 visitors.