Meet the cooperazione!

Crafts Council Nederland presents HOW&WOW – cooperazione! in Milan from 17 to 22 April. During this special exhibition six maker-designers from the Netherlands and Italy learn special craft techniques from an Italian master. Wondering who they? They present themselves below.


Agustina Bottoni
Influenced by a multicultural background, and interested in the research and application of different materials and techniques, my objects pursue an honest, clean use of form and matter. I embrace crafts with a contemporary sensibility. This approach is evident in my decisively handmade projects, some made in collaboration with skilled craftsmen.
Photocredits:Roberto Nino Betancourt


Astrid Luglio
My personal approach to crafts is one of respect and curiosity. The experimentation with materials and the use of old and new artisanal techniques are a source of inspiration, whilst also enhancing and giving soul to the design of a product.


Christa van der meer (Das Leben am Haverkamp)
The concept of fashion and allied disciplines fascinate me. Clothing enables you to express your identity and flaunt it. This makes me wonder about the way in which clothing is connected to your identity. If clothing is not worn by a person but by an object, can it still be an expression of identity? Although craft in itself is rarely my focus point, it is always my trigger while making new work.
Gino Anthonisse (Das Leben am Haverkamp)
Always on a quest for wonder, I like to bring my collages to life. By combining classic garments and ethnic elements with strange techniques, I create designs that are surprising as well as surreal. Experiment, unconventional materials and, above all, meticulous workmanship is simply the essence of my work.
Credits: photography Sanja Marusic | model Varusa Misidjan


Emma Wessel
My craftsman’s way of working could be a new input for the interior and fashion branches, due to the way I experiment with several different materials while questioning their abilities. This new way of thinking brings about new ways of working and finally new nowness, where I combine product design with fashion.


Sara Ricciardi
Fascination for materials, mixing and experimenting fuel my research along with formal aesthetics, which I rediscover amidst remote ethnographies. I love to work with craftsmen and their techniques in order to create new narratives. Thanks to my chaotic method I can challenge different visions and steer their knowledge and expertise in a different direction.
Credits: Laila Pozzo


Elif Malkoclar and Davide Dell’Acqua are the founders of the impressive CRAAFTS studio, where they create handmade accessories and unique catwalk eye catchers for fashion houses and interior brands. CRAAFTS is specialised in crafts techniques such as knitting, macramé, crochet and lace. It is not just a creative workplace; CRAAFTS has built an enormous library of over 3000 samples from the world’s best craftsmen.


Visit HOW&WOW – cooperazione!
17-21 April 11.00 – 20.00
22 April 11.00 – 17.00
Via Pastrengo 13, Milan