For this year’s theme NEW CRAFTS, we will be researching the value of digital techniques to crafts and vice versa.

It is a fascinating time for makers: traditional crafts and skills are back in vogue, while at the same time new digital technologies are developing rapidly. On the one hand the digital and the artisanal manufacturing domains are still strictly segregated worlds with different visual language, design and manufacturing techniques. But on the other hand, boundaries blur when these domains collide and new opportunities arise for artistic, technical and social innovation. The interaction between digital makers and craftsmen is not yet self-evident, even though it is precisely at this intersection of physical and digital technology that there lies an unexplored area.

‘We see that there is still little exchange of knowledge between experts from the craft and digital manufacturing domains and therefore opportunities remain untapped. Bridging this gap opens up new opportunities for artistic and technical innovation, as well as contributing to sustainable goals.’Studio PMS

What does digital integration mean for the craft professional practices? What knowledge should the current (digital) maker possess? How does digital open source relate to ownership and authenticity of products? Getting to grips with software takes a lot of time, just like mastering a traditional craft. Are computers and robots just another tool or are they replacing manual work now that robots are becoming more and more sensitive and intelligent? Should we update the concept of crafts and craftsman or should we see craftsmanship as something that is always evolving and that should be central to society with the help of high-tech tools?

In a series of activities, we initiate dialogue and knowledge exchange, we stimulate experiments and research, we record processes, methodologies and results and present the outcome online as well as offline. Look forward to lectures, expert meetings, Meet the Master masterclasses, an exhibition and more!

NEW CRAFTS is financially made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL and The Creative Europe Program of the European Union.




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