Meet the Maker: Hul le Ke

Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer both studied Fashion Design at ArtEZ and graduated in 2005. ‘After graduating we started the fashion label Sjaak Hullekes. ‘We took the normal route to starting a fashion label, but it didn’t make us happy. So in 2016 we decided to take a time-out, because we didn’t want to participate in the current fashion system. Eventually it took us two years to find our love for fashion again. We lost it because of the speed, laws and regulations in fashion that did not fulfill us at all. We wanted to re-find our signature in our work. By starting out on a small scale and produces the collections ourselves, we took an entirely new path. In 2018 we started Hul le Kes. Our starting point is not striving for perfection, but embracing imperfections.’

What can Crafts Council do for you?
’By participating in the Linen Project we learned a lot about the cultivation of linen. Projects like these are very relevant for us and we love being a part of them. We also took a mending workshop. For us it is of great importance to keep space for development and Crafts Council offers a great platform and possibilities for that.’

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