Meet the Maker: Adrianus Kundert

‘My name is Adrianus Kundert. In 2015 I graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. My work consists mainly of spatial objects, but I also design interiors and props. With my work I try to accomplish ‘new aesthetics’. I approach materials, techniques and form from a new angle and experiments a lot in the process of developing new innovative products. Together with Jamie Wolfond, whom Imet via Instagram, I started Basketclub. Basketclub is an international wickerwork community founded in 2020 as an Instagram-based initiative. It plays by a simple set of rules: Each member of a selected, international group of designers and craftsmen weaves a new “basket” every month. A brief in the form of an emoji dictates the monthly theme of the baskets. At the end of the month, photographs of the finished baskets are shared on the Instagram account @_basketclub_. So far, the works have covered many approaches: technical, aesthetic, conceptual, playful, political or full of historical references. The project not only connects makers, but also functions as a contemporary stage for designers. The goal is to create possibilities for Dutch designers and to find connections with international makers by exchanging knowledge about basketry, weaving and wickerwork.’

What can Crafts Council do for you?

‘It helps me to use Crafts Councils network. Recently I wanted to work with rope but I could not find the right collaborator, so I turned to Crafts Councils makers base. It would have been such a shame if not being able to find a partner disabled the entire project. Crafts Council also provides the possibility to learn from the masters. As a designer my quality is to think out of the box, but often I lack the knowledge and skills of a true craftsman.’

More of this entry is available in Dutch.