Marjolein Grotenhuis

As a designer Marjolein Grotenhuis uses colour not s a detail but as the essence of her work. The aim of her collection is to let the audience experience that colour had depth and texture. In this collection all the ingredients that feature Grotenhuis’ work come together: silk screen printing, colours, textile and paper. The source of her collection lays in the Dutch landscape, which is most often seen as flat and infinite. Grotenhuis on the other hand, believes that in the Dutch landscape it’s all about details and nuances. The formations are the result of an archive in which she zooms out on landscapes and zooms in on the details, like grass and the process of working with reeds as a material, such as braided straw. The final pallet of greens is derived from a process of playing with colour, saturation, transparency and dynamics. Where a landscape seems to become flat, lines and layers emerge, a blend of saturated and transparent colour tones. The collection was developed intuitively while using screen printing techniques. Grotenhuis designed her own paint scrapers to manipulate the printing process and experimented with the possibilities of the silkscreen. After the printing process the layers are cut by a cutting machine and are hand stitched together with a linen thread. This way, Grotenhuis combines high tech with the handmade.