Basket Weaving

Where: Africa Museum in Berg en Dal near Nijmegen
When: May 13, May 20, May 27, June 3, and June 10

Basket weaving is one of the oldest crafts developed by humans and is 29,000 years old. To this day, basket weaving offers endless possibilities in terms of shape, size, materials, patterns, construction, and applications, making this traditional technique popular among designers.


Esmé Hofman is a professional weaver and belongs to the international top with her work. She creates contemporary woven work, often on commission but also according to her own design. She regularly collaborates with (inter)national designers, resulting in new, unexpected products and a combination of traditional techniques with innovation.

Chris Kabel is known for his innovative and experimental designs. Kabel graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and founded his own studio in 2001. His designs often originate from materials and techniques. He combines them in unexpected ways, resulting in new forms and applications. One of the techniques Kabel has specialized in is basket weaving.