Making and Metal

Master class Making and Metal
Tuesday 30 May to 3 June 2017
Andelst, Gelderland

For a week of inspiration and developing metal techniques, Making and Metal invited seven makers with a vision to work and create with iron.

In the master class Making and Metal Akko Goldenbeld, Delphine Lejeune, Petra Beins, Philip Weber, William van Herwijnen, Judith Hebly and Kevin Aerts could immerse themselves in the world of metal for a whole week and work with the best Dutch masters to develop their knowledge of a particular technique or material.

The week took place at Mondra in Andelst (Gelderland). Bog iron is traditionally found and processed in Gelderland. This iron has been of unprecedented economic importance since the beginning of the Iron Age. Over the centuries, millions of cubic meters of the so-called bog iron has been traded throughout Europe. Stichting van Craft to Art & Smederij Cornelis Pronk Nederland took this local iron and history as a starting point for a week of intensive metal processing.

Making & Metal Master class
This week was intended for young professionals who are keen to develop new applications for traditional techniques. Techniques that can be used this week include: metalworking, forging, etching, emabling, casting and 3D printing.

Making and Metal is organised by Stichting from Craft to Art & in collaboration with FCP Smederij Cornelis Pronk, Province of Gelderland
Mondra Forge
Mondra Training

Making and Metal is supported by The Cultural Participation Fund and the Province of Gelderland.