Making and Metal

This year, Making and Metal selected makers who always had an interest to work and design with metal. In the master class of Making and Metal, David Derksen, Maartje Trooster, Martje van der Heide, Wieger van der Heide, Xandra van der Eijk, Patrick Bakker, Nane-Sophie Bergmann and Thijs Adriaans were able to immerse themselves in the world of metal over the course of five days. In addition, they were given the opportunity to collaborate with the best Dutch masters to dive into a specific technique or material.

The five-day master class took place at Smederij Cornelis Pronk in Andelst. In Gelderland, iron ore is traditionally extracted and processed. From the beginning of the Iron Age, ore has been of unprecedented economic significance. From the so-called Dutch iron ore millions of cubic meters have been excavated over the centuries and traded throughout Europe. Stichting from Craft to Art and Smederij Cornelis Pronk took the local iron and history as the starting point for Making and Metal 2018.
At HOW&WOW – Studio, Making and Metal shows work, experiments and making processes that have been created and designed during the five-day masterclass.

Making and Metal is supported by Stichting from Craft to Art & Smederij Cornelis Pronk in association with Province of Gelderland, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Rabobank Oostbetuwe and Lokejeja.