Maakdagen 2020 | 11 & 12 april

In museums and libraries throughput the Netherlands

All that surrounds us, even the material that covers us, is made. Made out of wood, clay, textile, metal, wire, reed, glass, wool…every product was once made by human hand. Museums and libraries with their vast stock are a valuable source of information and therefore the perfect place to educate and learn.

The creative craft experiences a true comeback while the working space of the craftsperson becomes the cradle of outstanding innovation, innovation that has great meaning to the development of our future economy.

Crafts are not limited to the artisanal skill but can be used as an answer to the many social, economic and environmental challenges that society is facing today.

With the Maakdagen we are combining our powers to show the treasure that lays in crafts, products, techniques, innovation and heritage.

Are you a museum or library? Join us!

The Crafts Council Nederland calls for museums, libraries as well as other cultural organisations to organise creative activities for children, teenagers and adults.

The idea behind is to offer a creative activity that can be linked with a theme or object from the museum, library or cultural organisation.

In case of interest please contact