Joana Schneider

Joana Schneider studies Textile Design at the Fashion & Textile Department of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Despite her young age, her work already has a descent social message and importance. With her hand knotted rugs, she addresses conflicts between authorities and society. Her rugs are inspired by weaving techniques of Berber tribes. And inspired by this, Schneider built a single-blade loom which she then adjusted to create rugs with longer threads. Now she creates looms of two to three meters. Building these looms and adapting and adjusting the techniques in order to create something exceptional, has changed Schneider’s perspective on textile.

The ‘Demiurge’-rugs shown at HOW&WOW are a warning for future society around Onkalo: by 2020, world’s first longterm storage of nuclear waste Onkalo (Finland) will be ready. In underground tombs, radioactive nuclear waste is safely stored for 100.000 years.