Jan Hovens

Jan Hovens is the grandchild of a carpenter, from an early age he was fascinated by wood. He has been a full-time wood turner since the mid-1990s and possesses a wealth of knowledge as well as many historical materials. He consciously chooses to manufacture everything manually and also makes special tools. His work is characterised by an enormous love for the profession.

Hovens mainly uses waste wood that is not interesting for furniture makers. In addition to burls (the growths of some tree trunks), he also uses wood that has been damaged by rot-mold, the so-called ‘wood with sleep’. The first phase of the decay process creates new colours, stains and stripes in the wood that can turn a normal piece of wood into an extremely beautiful object. This moldy wood is on the rise again, but it has been used since the 12th-13th centuries for intarsia works on furniture. Due to the development of artificial colours during the industrial revolution, knowledge about this wood was lost, but Jan Hovens gives it new life.