Handmade Industrials

In our rapidly changing society, more and more production processes are driven and controlled by computers eliminating the presence of human knowledge, experience and experiment. Are we losing touch with our environment as it is getting increasingly artificial? This idea both alarms and inspires Rutger de Regt en Marlies van Putten of Handmade Industrials. By combining a poetic design approach with hands-on experiment and industrial techniques, they aim to unite the two worlds that seem so far apart. 

For their latest work, Handmade Industrials researched the qualities of different thermoplastics and industrial applications. The final result is Impose Series, a collection of unique and colourful objects. While the hollow vessels are produced with a bio-based thermoplastic, the solid, yet lightweight furniture is produced with eps grains. Both materials, like in the industry, are moulded using heat and pressure to obtain their eventual shape. However, instead of using traditional, metal moulds, the design duo takes a different approach. They found that using flexible balloons as moulds instead of rigid metal allowed them to create these unique objects.