Floor Nijdeken

At a time when individuality and speed are becoming increasingly important, Floor Nijdeken presents #SUPEREGO. An excessive installation of self-portraits in various techniques, as a follow-up to his social embroidery installation “Crossover Collective”, with which he tries to connect people through embroidery and tradition. With #SUPEREGO he breaks a lance for the ME culture, because after all “ME” is the most important thing, right …? According to Freud, ‘superego’ is the aspect of personality with all our internalised moral norms and ideals that we get from parents and society. The superego offers guidelines for making judgments. This view seems to have been overtaken by current events …

Craft as medicine
Nijdeken takes his work very seriously, but himself not so much. He tries to visualise and put social developments on the agenda in a light-hearted way. With a cheerful pronounced colour and form language, he simultaneously expresses his appreciation and respect for craftsmanship; Craftsmanship as medicine against the advancing individualisation, impoverishment, emptiness and increasingly volatile society.