The future of press printing

Crafts Council Nederland, together with Tapis Plein (Belgium) and various other parties, will explore what future traditional printing press techniques can have. The aim of this project is to let professionals address the question of the future of the book in this age of digitization. What is the significance of the book at this time, where lies the innovation? What is the value of ancient techniques and how can they evolve with the times? What younger generations can learn from older professionals in the field of techniques and what can older craftsmen learn from the creativity of young people?

Last week, Crafts Council Nederland had a preliminary conversation about this subject with Leo Hoegen, Marieke de Hoop, Pien Rotterdam and Suzanne Lemstra. We talked about how they develop craftsmanship using contemporary techniques and materials and through new collaborations. And we were introduced to pulp press: what a fantastic technique. To be continued!