De Ploeg

The Dutch weaving mill De Ploeg was established in 1923 as a cooperative producing household textiles. Since the 1920s, De Ploeg has been renowned as supplier of curtain and upholstery fabrics. In the fifties, the company served as a pioneer in the non-conformist design trend ‘Goed Wonen’. By criticising and analysing their environment, this movement aimed for a more modern and comfortable living area in which aesthetics, functionality and tactility were the main focus.

At HOW&WOW – Studio, De Ploeg presents a circular fabric: SEA. This fabric is made of plastic litter found ashore by the volunteers of project U-turn. With SEA, plastic junk can be revitalised. With this groundbreaking way of recycling plastic, De Ploeg contributes to preserving beaches and conserving natural resources on a global scale.

With a cutting-edge recycling method, the collected garbage gets integrated in the spinning process. In order to create a soft fabric, De Ploeg adds other fabrics to give the curtains a silky feel. What used to be seen as a disadvantage can now be seen as a sustainable and convenient asset. At HOW&WOW – Studio, De Ploeg showcases that by reinterpreting plastic litter – which forms one of the major environmental threats of recent years – you can create a solid foundation for sustainable interiors in the foreseen future.