Creative Industries

The impact of the creative industries is large: everything around us is designed, invented, created. The creative industry is in many ways a forerunner; it imagines ideas, creates innovations and provides solutions to societal issues.

Bussemaker Minister of Education, Culture and Science and Economic Affairs Minister Henk Kamp support and encourage the creative industries, from the cultural policy, the top sector policy and the generic companies policy. In a letter to House of Representatives, the minister provide a government response to the joint advice “The value of creativity” by the Arts Council and the Advisory Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation.

In addition, they outline the developments that the creative sector has undergone in recent years and describe how they want to work together with entrepreneurs, institutions, and other authorities to further strengthen the creative industry.

Crafts Council Nederland is named as a platform to stimulate creative skills for business and education. Crafts Council Nederland is one of the institutions that has been asked to provide input to this letter.

We cordially invite you cordially to read this letter here: