Studio Claudy Jongstra

Claudy Jongstra is a craftswoman and an artist at the same time. Since about 20 years Studio Claudy Jongstra engages in the design and the production of textile works. Jongstra focuses primarily on public buildings, research institutes, libraries, museums and private clients.

In Friesland she designs special tapestries and wall hangings of felt, together with her team. The wool for the felt comes from her own Dutch sheep. Jongstra uses natural dyes from local plants, that she grows on the dike at the Waddenzee. She also keeps bees and has her own garden for traditional dye plants to stimulate biodiversity in the landscape.

Her knowledge of raw materials such as wool, silks, linens and vegetable dyes and techniques such as spinning, carding and guipures, is enriched and nourished by the inspiration that comes from nature. Jongstra has a “value” driven strategy that motivates the preservation of the natural heritage and the use of traditional crafts in an innovative way.

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