Golden Haand Weaving Center

Weaving center Golden Haand in Finsterwolde combines research, production and promotion of hand-woven textiles. Mirja Wark has been weaving all her life and travels the world to discover new techniques. The years of contact with weavers in Oman, Venezuela, Colombia, Syria and Libya form a lasting inspiration for techniques and designs. Wark produces hand-woven products in her workshop using natural materials such as wool, flax and cotton. She also gives weaving courses. This can be a one-week course, a basic course of four months per year, an advanced course or ethnic courses. Twice a year, Wark gives a masterclass with guest lecturers. The courses are for both professionals and hobbyists and students of (art) academies. Wark also gives lectures about her research and traditional weaving in different cultures.

Hoofdweg 2
9684 CG