ESH Vlechtwerk

Esmee Hofman is a real professional who is committed to keeping the crafts alive. She manufactures contemporary wicker, often commissioned, but also according to her own design. She also makes traditional objects, in order that the principles of basketry will not be forgotten. In 1994, Hofman started with basket making and in 2001 she did her exam at the Staatliche Berufsfachschule Fur Korbflechterei Lichtenfels (Germany). During the vocational training all aspects of the basketry were taught.

Although skeined willow work is her specialty and passion, she also masters other wicker techniques, such as plaiting, coiling and furniture construction. In addition, she gives demonstrations and workshops on a limited scale, and works together with national and international talent. Through these collaborations with designers new and surprising products originate. In this way she combines traditional techniques with innovation.

Esmé Hofman – Vlechtwerk / Basketry from Crafts Council Nederland on Vimeo.

Video & Editting: Thijs Adriaans & Naomi-Jamie Venetiaan
Director: Lisa van der Pluijm
Research: Femke van Dinther, Ami Lau, Linda Joosten
Music: Airtone – "Peace Out"

This video is a pilot, shot with students of Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU)

Bareldsweg 8
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