Cees Pronk / Mondra

In the 90s Cees Pronk found out that there was no professional training for blacksmiths in the Netherlands anymore and that the craft would disappear eventually. Pronk, a nationally and internationally recognized blacksmith, began with the development of training blacksmiths in 1997. Since 1998 he established and developed education in welding for national and international branches. And so Cees Pronk, together with Mondra, has ensured that the vocational of welding is back in the Netherlands.

Welding is a technique used in the Netherlands, not only for the restoration and new construction, but also for making art and weapons. In collaboration with the Industry Training School Anton Tidings, Mondra provides various schooling for blacksmiths. In the practice center, approved by Kenteq, students are trained to become skilled smiths.