Sign the Crafts Manifesto!

Crafts are of great importance: for the emerging making industry, for the preservation and passing on of cultural heritage, for learning with the hands, for innovation. It is the time to join forces for the revaluation of crafts:

• Don’t let excellent knowledge and skills that are accumulated and developed in the past centuries disappear.
• Recognise the social, cultural and economic significance of crafts.
• Realise the great importance that crafts have for the quality of products, work and society.

Our aims:

1. To get societal recognition of crafts as an independent discipline next to art, design and technology.
2. To teach craft techniques in mainstream education as a basic skill alongside cognitive skills.
3. To set up a flexible education system for talent development in which skills and knowledge of crafts are passed on and where new expertise is generated and nurtured.
4. To encourage entrepreneurship in the world of crafts.
5. To link extraordinary craftsmanship to innovation and value creation.
6. To set up international collaboration to preserve, stimulate and update global knowledge.

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