Crafts Council Nederland connects Dutch heritage with the Parisian catwalk

In January 2016, CCNL, made the first contacts between Gerard van Oosten, master of Staphorster stipwerk and Belgian fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck.

Staphorster Stipwerk & Walter Van Beirendonck
Over 13 meters of fabric was hand printed on the basis of an authentic pattern but with the addition of a special designed Van Beirendonck stamp. “The birth of my third child was easier than this, but Walter has chosen a pattern that the Staphorsters themselves also find the most beautiful,” says Jeannet van der Horst. She worked with Van Oosten to get everything done on time.

Staphorster Stipwerk is a special technique that is used to print and decorate fabrics and other materials. This technique is applied in the Staphorster folk costume. The printing is done with stamps made of material that you can find at home, like wooden bobbins or corks, on which nails, pins and other pieces of metal are attached. Walter Van Beirendonck conducted extensive research into ethnic cultures in the past and already had an eye on Staphorster Stipwerk but didn’t know people still practised the crafts.

Spring / Summer 2017 collection
Walter Van Beirendonck presented his show “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” A collection based on the famous story of his childhood, Alice In Wonderland, with a wide palette of colour and material. The designer showed his unique manipulation with garments that had cutouts and ribbons, which in some cases create abstract faces. The patterns, colours and shapes are as crazy as the Mad Hatter from the fairy tale, to which Staphorster Stipwerk delivers a surrealistic contribution. Crafts Council Nederland is proud of this connection. Through innovation and developing traditional techniques, intangible heritage is passed on and remains alive.