Crafts Council Nederland presents HOW&WOW – cooperazione! in Milan

HOW & WOW – cooperazione! shows the new workshop; a master class where six designers from the Netherlands and Italy are taught special craft techniques by an Italian master. They give presentations about their making processes (HOW) and show their work in a surprising context (WOW).

Crafts Council Nederland presents HOW&WOW – cooperazione! during the Salone del Mobile 2018. In Milan’s Isola district, we show the workshop of today’s maker through a live performance. In this new workshop, six maker-designers from the Netherlands and from Italy will work and learn on site. CRAAFTS will give a two-day master class. The products that emerge during the week become part of the growing exhibition. In addition, the maker-designers give presentations of their work to the public every day. And, of course, we’ll also show some of their existing work.

Exhibition, master class, presentations and collaboration: cooperazione!
The group exhibition consists of the work of three Dutch maker-designers; Christa van der Meer and Gino Anthonisse from Das Leben am Haverkamp and Emma Wessel and three Italian designers; Sara Ricciardi, Astrid Luglio, Agustina Bottoni. Elif Malkoclar, owner of CRAAFTS, a high-end supplier for major brands such as Prada, Chlo─ô and Gucci, takes them on a two-day journey to discover special techniques and applications. There’re no machines at CRAAFTS as everything is produced manually. Centuries-old techniques are still being used for high-end fashion; they are a bottomless source of innovation. During the master class the makers enter a dialogue by creating new work together.

Next generation: maker-designers
Traditionally, the collaboration between the professional and the designer is essential. Nowadays, there is a more hybrid form of craftsmanship in which the maker-designer researches while making, where he designs and sometimes also produces. Instead of the concept, the material and the technique form the starting point of the process. So this new professional is pioneering; there is a need for knowledge, cooperation and exchange of expertise. But what connects Italy and the Netherlands? Besides a love of design, we also share a long history and an interest in the innovation of making. The value of crafts and the urgency of preserving this precious heritage are being recognised more and more. This revaluation is reflected in HOW&WOW – cooperazione!

Visit HOW&WOW – cooperazione!
17-21 April 11.00 – 20.00
April 22 11.00 – 17.00
Via Pastrengo 13, Milan

HOW&WOW – cooperazione! is supported by Creative Fund NL, Consulate General of the Netherlands in Milan and Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship