Crafts Council Nederland shows contemporary crafts in Paris

Crafts Council Nederland is invited by Atelier d’Arts for Revelations, the biennial for contemporary crafts, to present Dutch crafts. Revelations takes place at the Grand Palais in Paris from 9 to 13 September 2015. With the presentation Dutch Belief Crafts Council Nederland shows work by Bernard Heesen, Wandschappen, Floris Wubben and Dienke Dekker.

Revelations is the international biennial of design, craftsmanship and creation, organized by Atelier d’Arts, the French equivalent of Crafts Council Nederland. The fair, held at the Grand Palais, is the place for collectors, art lovers and influencers. The first edition of Revelations in 2013 was a great success with 267 exhibitors and nearly 34,000 visitors. The 2015 edition will show the high standard of contemporary crafts. It shows the richness of crafts from a variety of materials such as ceramics, textiles, metal, glass, wood, bronze, etc. Besides the Netherlands South Korea, France, Taiwan, Chile, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Senegal and Scandinavia will present contemporary craftsmanship.

Dutch Belief
The significance of creative crafts goes much further than the restoration of old traditions. To maintain and develop skills Crafts Council Nederland aims at innovation of technologies, implementation, design, meaning and sustainable production. It is through this vigour that techniques evolve with the times and with younger generations that make them their own and give crafts meaning again. From these beliefs Crafts Council Netherlands presents four maker designers: Bernard Heesen, Wandschappen, Floris Wubben and Dienke Dekker. They are not only leading designers but also represent at least one of the beliefs.

Maker designers
Bernard Heesen was trained as an architect and worked during his studies in the glass studio of his father Willem Heesen, “De Oude Horn” in Acquoy, where he became familiar with the craft tradition of glass blowing. He innovates from the tradition and let chance in the creative process to contribute to form and expression of his glass objects.
The work of Nicole Driessens and Ivo van den Baar Wandschappen is characterized by constant innovation from technology and materials. Traditional techniques are used for inspiration and are translated into a new context. The process of the development of a product is as important as the outcome.
The self-designed machines by Floris Wubben for manufacturing products are an important part of the creative process of this young maker. His low-tech machines produce serially unique ceramic objects.
Since she graduated from the Design Academy in 2012, Dienke Dekker has been studying weaving techniques and applies them to unusual materials. This implementation creates surprising products and intermediate forms that can also function as autonomous works.

Bernard Heesen, Floris Wubben

Dienke Dekker, Wandschappen