Crafts Council Nederland x Catawiki

April 15 – April 24 2022

Crafts Council Nederland and Catawiki present a new auction to support and celebrate craftsmanship. Explore one-of-a-kind objects that are expertly handmade, each with their own special story. All objects are auctioned by their original makers.

Catawiki is the most-visited curated marketplace in Europe for special objects, offering over 65,000 objects for auction each week. Their mission is to provide an exciting and seamless experience to their customers for buying and selling special, hard-to-find objects.

Discover the curated selection here: Craftsmanship Auction

Participating makers: Bernard Heesen, Chris Kabel, Daan Veerman, Fenna van der Klei, Guido Dilweg, Hanneke de Leeuw, Imke van Boekhold, JAS&CAL, Job van den Berg, Karin Kerremans, Kim Blekkenhorst, Kirstie van Noort, Larissa Schepers, Lily Odette, Marieke van Heesbeen, Marjolein Grotenhuis, Martine van ’t Hul, Moe Kim, Nienke Hoogvliet, Rein Reitsma, Rik van Veen, Ruben van der Scheer en Saar Scheerlings.


Imke van Boekhold
Saar Scheerlings
Kirstie van Noort