Crafts Council Nederland presents the Craftsmap at the Dutch Design Week

Looking for the best craftsmen in the Netherlands? An expert that can produce products? A course where you can learn a craft? A workshop where you can do it yourself? A place to study crafts heritage? Or information about contemporary crafts and inspiration? The Craftsmap is the online search engine for the creative crafts from the Netherlands. During Dutch Design Week the Craftsmap was presented to the public fot the first time.

The Craftsmap
The Craftsmap is a beautifully designed and easy to use geographical map of the Netherlands where you get direct insight into where the specialist craftsmen, workshops, courses and museums are located. The Craftsmap thus serves as a database of high-quality and specialized knowledge, a place where, hitherto very fragmented information is bundled in a smart way. Discover what you can do with the Craftsmap during the Dutch Design Week !


During Dutch Design Week Crafts Council Nederland shows how the Craftsmap looks offline with the theme glass. Glass comes in many forms, from traditional to contemporary and is currently being rediscovered by young designers. Crafts Council Nederland shows glass in all its facets and application forms and also presents museums, courses and craftsmen. With works by Bernard Heesen, Laura Lynn Jansen & Thomas Vailly, David Derksen, Sibylle Gielen, Hein Severijns and the collection of the National Museum of Glass.

Make it yourself!
On Wednesday 22 and Saturday 24 October you can follow workshops enamelling at our exhibition. In this workshop you will learn how to decorate a copper plate with molten glass in different colours. For 2 Euros you can make with this traditional craft your own contemporary work. The workshops are organized by the Museum Ravenstein.

Glass Expositie