Crafts Council Nederland x Adrianus Kundert

Under the title BASK IT! we focus on basketry for a year. With BASK IT! – literally explained as ‘cherish it!’ – we take you into the world of basketry and explore all aspects of three-dimensional weaving; the special qualities, possibilities and new applications as well as the social context.

Weaving takes place all over the world. It is one of the oldest techniques developed by man, traces of basketry have been found in utensils, for architectural purposes, fabrics and ropes. What is special about the technique is that it does not involve a loom. It is a 3D construction technique in which the maker creates a three-dimensional shape with both hands and just a few tools. The craft has changed over time and so has its meaning.

We enter into a special collaboration with designer and co-founder of the Basketclub: Adrianus Kundert. We join forces, bring together makers, experts, companies, museums, schools and interested parties and explore the scope and artistic possibilities of basketry in a Community of Practice. Expect lectures, expert meetings, Meet the Master masterclasses, HOW & WOW BASK IT! and more!