BASK IT! Talks – Gregory MacCarthy, Ana Maria Calderón Kayser, Georgina Mubako and Penelope Luk

Crafts Council Nederland presents ‘BASK IT! talks’: a series of talks all about  basketry.


This afternoon we will travel the globe in high speed. The four speakers from Hong Kong, Ghana, Colombia and Zimbabwe work with a lot of passion and love with their local craftsmen. They talk about the heritage, the weaving techniques, the use of local materials and their business. How important are the craftsmen to their business? Does colonial history play a role in how the wickerwork is received from their countries? How do you calculate a fair price for the handwork and what can we as a consumer contribute to this?

Gregory MacCarthy (Canada) founder and director of Baba tree works with a community of 250 artisans in Ghana. They communicatie who made the baskets which makes it personal and direct.

The Colombian Ana Maria Calderón Kayser director of Ames, Germany, works with more than 700 artisans from Colombia and designers from Europe.

Georgina Mubako co-director of Craftszim from Zimbabwe, works with local weavers and their beautiful traditional techniques and materials.

Penelope Luk curator of Crafts_on_Peel, a high-end gallery from Hong Kong, connects traditional craftsmen and designers for contemporary applications.

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Date: April 29, 2021 16:00 CEST
Location: online via Zoom*
Costs: €5,-
Language: English

*You will receive a Zoom link on the day of the lecture via the email address that you enter during your registration.

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Photo 1: Baba Tree Basket Company
Photo 2: Ames