BASK IT! Challenge

We are very excited to announce an upcoming open brief in collaboration with Basketclub. For this special round, anyone is invited to submit a basket based on the theme of 🔌. Basketclub will post all baskets in their Instagram stories and a selection in their feed. We will select some of the baskets for our physical HOW&WOW BASK IT! exhibition during Dutch Design Week 2021 in Eindhoven. It could be a basket made from electricity cables, a basket made with technology or any other powered application you can think off.

Please post your basket in your Instagram feed by October 1st, the caption starting with: @_basketclub_ x @craftsnl Brief 23 🔌.

How to participate                                                                               

Please send photos of your basket to with your name and Instagram handle latest September 30. Also mention your phone number, location and the dimensions of the basket to make sure we can contact you quickly in case your basket will be selected for the physical exhibition.

The cover image should be taken while holding your basket in your left hand against a neutral background, just like the ones that you see in the Basketclub feed. Please make sure the basket is not cropped.

About Basketclub

 Adrianus Kundert and Jamie Wolfond started Basketclub at the start of the pandemic. The two designers got in touch on Instagram and took the initiative to create a digital community all about basketry. Each member of the international group weaves a new basket every month. A simple brief, presented as an emoji, dictates what the basket should be about, allowing each maker to expose a unique point of view.

Check out Basketclub here. 

About Crafts Council Nederland

Crafts Council Nederland is the platform for contemporary craft. It is the place where art, fashion, design and heritage all unite and where craftsmanship is nurtured and passed on to a new generation. With BASK IT! – or ‘cherish it!’ – Crafts Council Nederland takes you into the world of basketry. We join forces with makers, experts and interested parties and explore the special qualities, possibilities and new applications of three-dimensional weaving, as well as its social context. Adrianus Kundert is guest curator for BASK IT!.

Read more about BASK IT! here. 

BASK IT! is financially made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

Do you have questions about the challenge? Contact Guusje Heesakkers via