Babs van den Thillart

It looks as if Babs van den Thillart’s woven fabric comes to life once it is taken off the weaving loom. Van den Thillart shows one of her moveable weaving structures during the exhibition HOW&WOW – Studio. The structure that seems somewhat loose is interconnected at several essential points. This minimal connection is crucial in her work as an artist. The fabric is appealing to touch, to stretch and slide back together, creating a dynamic shape, which allows her work to constantly undergo changes.

Flexibility, three-dimensionality and versatility form the common thread in Van den Thillart’s work. Fascinated by the infinite possibilities of weaving, she seeks out the boundaries of techniques and machines. During the making process, she treats the material and techniques with great care, in which – by constantly adjusting the parameters – she achieves extraordinary results.