Meet the Maker: Lily Odette

‘My name is Lily. I studied fashion at ArtEZ in Arnhem. During my time there i found a growing interest in prints and material. After graduating I became better at drawing en slowly developed into print designer. I would now call myself designer/artist. My work balances between fashion, illustration and graphic design. My sister (illustrator Bodil Jane) who is one year older than I am studied at art school in Rotterdam and the idea of going to art school as well really appealed to me. We grew up in Haarlem with both of our parents working in the creative field. To me it felt like it would make sense to choose that direction as well.

My first real job was on a project base at Vlisco in Helmond. There I learned a lot about prints and working out concepts. After working there I wanted to work as a print designer and I applied for a job at Scotch & Soda. I had started calling myself print designer, but still had to proof that I actually was as I was not that experienced yet. Now I have been working there for five years and have really made the job my own. I love working there and being able to use my creativity. Since a year I have started working part time, because I wanted to find more time for individual creative projects to be able to develop myself more. For three years in a row I participated in a group exhibition in Amsterdam North where I showed hand painted prints and fashion illustrations. I was really cool to see my personal work together in a public space.’

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