Koos Breen

There’s something about Koos Breen’s work in which his fascination for shapes and their endless possibilities come to life. In his designs, Breen seems to combine incompatible elements which leads us to an unusual result. Graduated as a graphic designer, Breen is experimenting with the use of different materials and disciplines.

‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ is the result of Koos Breens transformation of materials and techniques. He combines crop circles, French Baroque gardens, Persian rugs, tribals and the priest robes by Matisse. His work doesn’t only transform the craft of barbering to the interior, but he also plays with the unexpected use of materials. He, for example, transforms artificial grass into an object which can be placed perfectly on the wall. For his work, Breen mastered the craft of barbering with a main focus on the perfect fade. Just like barbers, Breen uses different clippers in order to create difference in length. With a sheep shaving clipper, he shaves the basic patterns in the artificial grass carpet. For the shorter parts, he uses a classic clipper. From scratch, he transforms the longer ends to shorter ones, resulting in a gentle fade. With this, Breen extends the temporary character of a hairstyle into a permanent design on the wall.