Joana Schneider

Joana Schneider studied Textile Design at the KABK in The Hague. She reconstructs materials and techniques that are often not directly related to obvious textile techniques.

In June this year, Schneider won the Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Award with her graduation project ‘PLUIS’. For her inspiration and materials, she tended to the sea and found her luck in fishing and particularly in fishing nets. Schneider processed these fishing nets into luxurious tapestries. To this end, Schneider carried out a thorough research into knotting techniques used by the fishing net manufacturers in Katwijk. These craftsmen became her creative teachers. She researched, experimented and created by re-using rope and fishing nets. Her work became more extensive, dramatic and theatrical. For HOW&WOW – Studio she created the Twin Totem, in which the imposing ‘faces’ symbolise a masculine and dominant power. A grand design, originated from a fishing net.