HOW&WOW at DDW 2017

Craftsmanship like you have never seen before!
HOW & WOW showcased some of the most talented craftspeople and maker-designers. During the exhibition, curated by Crafts Council Nederland, making processes, qualities, possibilities and the flexibility of craft and design were demonstrated. A part of Veem transformed into a center where crafts were presented in relation to design and where inspiring partners introduce their innovations. HOW & WOW forms a special meeting place where the international network of CCNL comes together and where knowledge is shared through expert meetings, lectures and debate.

The value of crafts
We’re at the beginning of a new creative era. The value of crafts and the urgency to preserve this immaterial heritage is finally being recognised. Designers explore how things are made and give more attention to craft processes, new industrial techniques and unique handicraft. The making process serves as the overarching theme for the crafts center.

Torenallee 86
5617BE Eindhoven
21 – 29 October 2017

Koos Breen | Jules ten Velde

Babs Haenen
Esmé Hofman
Jules ten Velde
Koos Breen
Bibi Smit
Walter Van Beirendonck & Gerard van Oosten
Joana Schneider
Harvey Bouterse
Isaac Monté
Leon Mommersteeg
Kirstie van Noort
Jetske Visser
Lotte de Raadt
Mae Engelgeer & Jos Jansen
Marian Stubenitsky
Marjolein Grotenhuis
Nederlands Openluchtmuseum / Kenniscentrum Immaterieel Erfgoed Nederland
Makers Unite
Cibap & Sint Lucas
The Anti Efficients: Sejoon Kim, Seungbin Yang, Hyunjee Jung, Sooji Lee, Woojai Lee
RAVEL: Babs van den Thillart, Milou Voorwinden, Suzanne Oude Hengel