Crafts Council Nederland is collaborating with Dutch Design Foundation

The importance of crafts for design and innovation is becoming more and more visible. A great moment to give crafts a solid, international platform in the Netherlands to show its most recent developments. Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) and Crafts Council Nederland (CCNL) are collaborating to show the significance of crafts for today and the future. During DDW 2017 we will create a space where contemporary crafts take central stage and where the relation to design and the making process will be presented.

The value of crafts
We’re standing at the beginning of a new creative era. The value of crafts and the urgency to preserve heritage is finally recognized. Designers explore how things are made and give more attention to craft processes, new industrial techniques, unique handicraft and small-scale production. This know-how is also needed to meet the demands of the current creative economy and passing techniques on, developing new applications, contemporary presentations and crossovers are crucial. With the collaboration between CCNL and DDW, crafts will now be given a permanent place at the nine-day design festival.

Crafts in Veem
With an impressive exhibition at DDW, curated by CCNL, craft will be presented in a surprising way. A part of Veem in Eindhoven is transformed into a place where crafts are displayed in relation to design and where inspiring partners can introduce their innovations to the public. It forms a special meeting place where the international network of CCNL is brought together and where there is room for sharing knowledge through expert meetings, lectures and debate. Professionals, experts and visitors can learn special craft techniques by following high-end master classes.

Dutch Design Week takes place from 21-29 October 2017 in Eindhoven.