BASK IT! Talks

Crafts Council Nederland presents ‘BASK IT! talks’: a series of talks all about basketry. This year Crafts Council Nederland focuses with BASK IT! on the technique of basketry, also known as three-dimensional weaving. In this technique, the maker uses both hands and only a few tools to create a three-dimensional shape. Braiding is known as the archetype of weaving and one of the oldest techniques known to man. The loom was created from wickerwork, and automated weaving eventually led to the invention of the computer. The variety of techniques and materials and the many possibilities show us that the technique is still a source of knowledge, creativity and innovation to this day.

Talk 1: BASK IT! – March 11,  16:00
Talk 2: Dutch Basketry – April 1, 16:00
Talk 3: Global Basketry, Connecting and Appropriation – April 29, 16:00
Talk 4: The Future of Basketry – May 20, 16:00

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Talk 1: BASK IT!

March 11 2021 16:00 

Adrianus Kundert will give an introduction about the Basketclub for which he took the initiative together with Jamie Wolfond. Every month they post an assignment on Instagram in the form of an emoji, for example a baguette or an orange. Designers from all around the world participate and weave a basket. Kundert is our guest curator for BASK IT! this year!
Koos Rauws is an expert in the history of basketry. During his talk he will focus on the history of basketry.
Esmé Hofman is a professional weaver and belongs to the international top. She will talk about her professional practice, the potential of basketry and the challenges for the future.

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Talk 2: Dutch Basketry

April 1 2021 16:00 

José Schilder (de Mythe) gives an overview of the growth, harvest and processing of willow, the different types and qualities and takes us into the possibilities of weaving with willow.
Lex Roeleveld (Heg & Landschap) talks about the relics in the Dutch landscape and the revitalization of hedge weaving as a craft.
Chris Kabel, designer and teacher, has a fascination for materials. Since his visit to Asia he has developed a love for basketry. He is an enthusiastic participant in the Basketclub. During this talk he will discuss his work, his love for materials and how basketry influences his work.

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Talk 3: Global Basketry, Connecting and Appropriation

April 29 2021 16.00

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Talk 4: The Future of Basketry

May 20 2021 16:00

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Esmé Hofman voor Asha Swillens | Foto: Mo Swillens